Servicing your Commercial Vehicles


Service & Commercial Collision Centre in London, ON

A commercial vehicle is not like an ordinary vehicle. It is larger, more sophisticated, and requires a certain amount of specialty training to drive - nevermind repair. A commercial vehicle also represents your livelihood, so it is even more important that you keep this kind of vehicle running in tip-top shape. With a regular vehicle, a major problem on the road is a ruined road trip - with a vehicle like this it’s a ruined business, so you owe it to yourself to come and see the best. Nothing will keep your vehicle rolling better than regular maintenance trips to a qualified Service Department like the one you’ll find at Oxford Commercial. In fact, with six heavy truck bays waiting for you, it might not be too far a stretch to say that Oxford Commercial is the only sensible place for you to bring your commercial vehicle. We have the setup, the tools, and the specialized skills you need to keep your fleet moving along the road ahead. Our goal is to one day get the pleasure of helping you out again, and that starts with customer service and ends with an exceptional job!

Trust Our Experts at Oxford Commercial

While regular maintenance is certainly an achievement all on its own, what kind of Service Centre would we be if we didn’t help you out with the more complex issues? For example, what if more than the rubber has hit the road? Well, not to fear. Our team here at Oxford Commercial are also the preeminent commercial Collision Centre in London, and that is a reputation we put on the line every single day. From our world-class customer service keeping you in the loop to endless training and retraining of our expert staff on the latest and greatest techniques - we are the place to come for your commercial vehicle’s collision repair. No matter how serious your crumpled ball of metal and rubber is, we are ready to smooth it out and have it just like new in no time at all. Come and talk to us here at Oxford Commercial to get started bringing your commercial vehicle back from the brink!