Oxford Jeep Addition


Welcome to the new addition of our dealership, Oxford Jeep – your premier destination for all things Jeep in London, Ontario. We are thrilled to announce our recent expansion, making us the largest store in southwestern Ontario dedicated to serving Jeep enthusiasts. As your go-to Jeep store, we take pride in bringing you expert product knowledge, offering a vast selection of Jeep accessories, and providing an unmatched shopping experience for all Jeep lovers.

Explore Our Extensive Collection of Jeep Accessories

Jeep Accessories and Merch - London Ontario

At Oxford Jeep, we understand that every Jeep owner has a unique style and preferences. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality Jeep clothing & accessories to help you customize and enhance both your vehicle and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for stylish exterior upgrades to your vehicle, off-road essentials, or Jeep branded merchandise our showroom is stocked with an array of accessories to suit your needs. Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist you in finding the perfect additions to make your Jeep uniquely yours.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is it bad to use Part-Time four-wheel drive on dry pavement?
What types of accessories do you have in your Jeep store?
What if you don’t have the vehicle I am looking for in stock?
What is “4L” or Low Range 4×4?
Part-time 4WD locks the front and rear axles together so the front and rear wheels turn at the same speed. If attempting to turn or drive on dry surfaces, binding (crow hop) and driveline noise (a bang or shudder) will occur, which can lead to early part failure.
We have a range of accessories that we update seasonally. Including but not limited to t-shirts, winter jackets, dog bowls, Yeti water bottles, hats, bags, socks and much more! If looking for vehicle upgrades or specific parts get in contact with one of our specialists or visit our Jeep showroom.
We will have one of our specialists locate the vehicle for you! Get in contact with one of our sales specialists or visit our “Car Finder” page under our online shopping tools.
Low range is for extreme off-road situations needing more torque with low speed, such as getting out of a tough driving spot or steep climbs. More torque does not mean more traction though, so to avoid loss of traction on slippery surfaces like snow, ice or mud—do not exceed 40 km/h.