Can i still qualify for a car loan with bad credit.
I’ve had a bankruptcy, can I still get approved?
Can I still buy a new vehicle with bad credit?
Can a car loan improve my credit?
Many people think that because they have less than perfect credit that they won’t qualify for a car loan. The truth is many large dealerships don’t have the expertise or the lenders available to attain bad credit approvals. Revive and Drive has access to multiple lenders for all credit situations.
Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposals can definitely make financing a challenge at traditional dealerships but Revive and Drive has access to lenders that accept customers whether they are currently in a bankruptcy or have had a bankruptcy in the past.
Just because you have bad credit doesn’t mean that you can’t buy a new car. We help our customers buy both new and used vehicles on a regular basis. Everyone’s situation is different and our lenders determine approvals on an individual basis. At Revive and Drive we provide the information you need so that you can move forward and continue to improve your credit.
Auto loans are great for improving and establishing credit. With our credit program customers can start to see improvements in their credit score in as little as 12 months making future purchases much easier.