What is the RamBox® Cargo Management System?

When it comes to utility, few vehicles can offer the same levels found in a Ram pickup truck. From an intuitively designed interior, to a potent powertrain, Ram trucks have every angle covered. And while the flatbed of your pickup—whether you choose the 5’7” or 6’4” box—offers plenty of space to load and haul gear, it lacks something in terms of security and organization. Enter the RamBox® Cargo Management System, a smart way to safely stow away tools, supplies, and more, while taking advantage of every inch of space available. Read on to learn more about the RamBox®, with London’s premier source for all things Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, and Ram: Oxford Dodge!


What Is A Cargo Management System?

Simply put, a cargo management system is an easy way to store items—from tools to personal effects, camping gear, sports equipment, even tailgating supplies—keeping everything safe, secure, and organized. The RamBox® Cargo Management System is built into the bed of your Ram truck, utilizing the space above the wheel wells to provide easy to access storage for everything from smaller items to larger ones, such as shovels, fishing rods, rakes, and more. Best of all, this area is lockable, so you can feel confident knowing that someone can’t lean over and take your gear from the flatbed of your truck.

Is the RamBox® Waterproof?

Not only is your RamBox® lockable, but it is also waterproof—ensuring that you don’t have to worry about inclement weather when your gear is loaded in it. So go ahead, place valuable items in your RamBox® with confidence, knowing that this storage space is as tough as the rest of your Ram truck. And there’s no need to baby your RamBox®—a convenient drainage plug makes cleaning out the RamBox® Cargo Management System a breeze!


What Models Offer the RamBox® Cargo Management System?

You can find the RamBox® Cargo Management System throughout the Ram truck lineup, on a variety of trims. Whether you’re looking at a Ram 1500, in Regular, Crew, or Quad Cab, or the Ram Heavy Duty—both the 2500 and 3500 in Crew or Mega Cab configurations—you can find a Ram truck equipped with this smart and convenient storage system.  

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