The Truth About the Cost of EV Auto Maintenance

EV charger plugged in to a vehicle

Is EV Auto Maintenance Expensive?

With gas prices still at record-highs, many car shoppers are rethinking their choice when it comes to finding a new vehicle that can provide them with the efficiency they need on the road. When choosing a new EV as your next vehicle, you’ll find that its maintenance costs are less expensive than their counterpart gas-powered vehicles in many different areas. Keep reading to learn the truth about the cost of EV auto maintenance and find out if it is more expensive than a gas-powered vehicle.

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EV and Gas Maintenance Costs Explained

According to a recent study by Consumer Reports, owners of electric vehicles pay half as much when it comes to maintenance compared to internal combustion engine vehicles. One of the key factors as to why EV maintenance is less expensive than that of conventional gas-powered vehicles is because there is no engine to maintain. With no engine in an EV, there are fewer moving parts and no need for routine oil changes and regular engine maintenance, which can be costly. If you’re looking to save money on auto maintenance, an electric vehicle is an excellent choice.

What Kind of Auto Maintenance Does an EV Need?

Just like any other vehicle, an EV does require maintenance and occasional repair. But, when compared to that of an internal combustion engine, far less maintenance is required to keep it running and in good condition.

Electric vehicles do need some maintenance in order to deliver the safety and performance you need on the road. For instance, you still need to have a routine service check for the vehicle system to ensure that you maintain optimal battery life and performance to extend the life of your EV. Your EV will also need to have its tires rotated and checked regularly as well as basic safety checks.

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