How to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Spring in Ontario

As all Canadians know, winter can sometimes put your vehicle through the wringer. If you’re like most Ontarians who are getting ready to get back out there in the sun, it’s time to get your ride ready too. A little seasonal prep goes a long way toward extra comfort over the summer months and extending the life of your vehicle so you can keep enjoying that sunshine! Keep reading on for Oxford Dodge’s spring prep checklist!

7 Steps for Prepping Your Vehicle for Spring

  • Switch to all-season or summer tires
  • Check on your wheel alignment
  • Check your suspension
  • Check on your brakes and brake pads
  • Replace your wiper blades
  • Get an oil change
  • Clean your vehicle

1. Switch to all-season or summer tires

Those winter tires are great for that extra bit of grip on snowy or icy roads, but they can actually be detrimental to your vehicle’s performance when they aren’t needed. Get yourself some summer or all-season tires once that snow melts for a better drive. This will also extend the life of those winter tires when you need them again! Stop in at Oxford Dodge. We’ll help you find the right tires for your vehicle.

Check on your wheel alignment

2. Check on your wheel alignment

Many drivers are unaware that winter can really do a number on your vehicle’s wheel alignment. This can create more road noise, uneven tire wear, and poorer fuel economy. Luckily, re-aligning those wheels is a quick and easy service here in our service bay!

3. Check your suspension

Your vehicle’s suspension is always subject to wear and tear due to the fact that there are so many exposed parts. The excessive amounts of salt, ice, and rocks from wintery roads really does a number on the suspension over the winter months. If you find yourself in our service bay for that wheel alignment, don’t forget to also have us check on that suspension for optimal summer driving performance.

Check your suspension
Check on your brakes and brake pads

4. Check on your brakes and brake pads

Ontario winters are hard on your vehicle’s brakes. Nasty contaminants caught up in all that salt, slush, and sand get kicked up into your brake system throughout winter. This result is excess friction, which creates wear and tear that can result in some serious safety issues. Have us take a look. We’ll be able to tell you if your brakes and brake pads need to be replaced or just need a good clean!

5. Replace your wiper blades

This one always seems to get left out of the spring prep list even though it remains an important part of the process. The extreme temperature changes, salt, and ice tend to warp and damage those blades, leaving you ill-prepared for those spring downpours and sudden thunderstorms of southern Ontario. If you see streaks on the windshield when you turn them on it’s time for a fresh set.

Replace your wiper blades
Get an oil change

6. Get an oil change

This step goes without saying, but there’s more to it than you may think. Certain fluids are rated to perform better than others in warmer or colder weather. This goes for your brake, power steering, transmission fluid, and engine coolant as well. Lengthen the life of your vehicle, enhance your engine’s performance, and prevent expensive repairs by getting all these fluids checked when you go in for that oil change.

7. Clean your vehicle!

This last step can be fun, satisfying, and more important than you may think. Those same corrosives (salt, sand, ice) eat away at your vehicle’s exterior over the winter. Not to mention the messes made by all those winter boots. After all, you spend a lot of time in your vehicle, right? This step not only helps retain your vehicle’s value, but makes for a better driving experience altogether. Not crazy about this one? No problem! Oxford Dodge offers comprehensive detailing services.

Clean your vehicle!

Let our experts at Oxford Dodge help you check off these 7 spring to-dos! You’ve got a lot on your plate when it comes to all those seasonal chores. Book an appointment in our service bay today and get the most out of your vehicle this spring.